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Club information shown

Web Site  will take you to web site associated with the club

(where you can usually find out more information; who to contact, when it meets, etc.)

The address of the meeting place

Map  will take you to a Google Maps location

Contact name, phone number and email address  (click on                )

The rules played by      e.g.  BMJA rules

The date the information was found / supplied    e.g.   [Aug 09]

Click on a region  to show the clubs in that region, in post code order

Click on a post code prefix  to take you to any clubs in that area

Postal regions in the UK and Ireland

Mah-Jong Clubs in the UK

         Email addresses are protected from spam using a technique described  here.

         Clubs are included, irrespective of the Mah-Jong rules they play by.


Also included are contact details from people wanting to start a Mah-Jong club.

If you want to start one, please make contact giving a phone number / email address.


It is hoped that this information will attract more members to Mah-Jong clubs as well as encourage clubs to meet one another.


The listing of the clubs is organised by postal region.

Send details of UK club
Bristish Mah-Jong Association information

Proposed Mah-Jong Club   means someone wants to start a club

Here is a list of known Mah-Jong clubs in the UK and Ireland (currently none) with information about how to contact them and, when known, where they meet and the rules they play by.    The vast majority are  U3A  groups.

Suggested activities for clubs

(when known)

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NB.   Only public meeting places are shown, not home addresses (unless specifically requested).

Please note that the information in this section is no longer being maintained