British Rules

25th Nov 2015

Note added eBook page to indicate that eBook currently only works with Adobe Reader 11 - not Adobe Reader DC, the latest version

5th Oct 2015

Correction to “Subsequent sessions” in  Preparing to Play. Thanks to Mr Robert Canner for noticing the error.

23rd Jul 2015

Second edition of eBook published with two new chapters, one on Mah–Jong strategy and the other on Mah-Jong FAQs

14th Oct 2011

Clarification of rules - Determine the Prevailing Wind.   Corrections to  Example Hands.     

Updates to  Mah-Jong Teachers and Courses in the UK,   UK Clubs,  Web Sales and  BMJA  pages.

4th Oct 2010

Mah-Jong UK Clubs  update

26th July 2010

Error in  example hand  corrected.   Learning the Game by Stages (Stage 1,  Playing the Game ) clarified.   Robbing the Kong  clarified.

20th July 2010

Update to  Mah-Jong Teachers and Courses in the UK.


9th July 2010

New page added:  BMJA  (British Mah-Jong Association information).   Update to  Mah-Jong Teachers and Courses in the UK.

6th July 2010

New section added:  Mah-Jong Teachers and Courses in the UK.   Update to  UK Clubs.

17th Jun 2010

Information about new UK Mahjong Association (UKMA).   Update to  UK Clubs.   Three more  example sets.

24th Nov 2009

Update to  Shops

1st Nov 2009

Clarification of rules from BMJA


     Score for a pair:     “If the wind pair is both the prevailing wind and own wind, then 4 points are scored.


     Kong box:                 “If the kong box is exhausted and another replacement tile is required then the game is drawn.


     Special hands:        “Some need to remain concealed until fully formed. Others, which incorporate pungs and kongs, need not.


UK Clubs  updated.


19th Sept 2009

Clarification of rules from BMJA


     Double for concealed hand:     “All tiles are concealed and are from different suits with Dragons and/or Winds

                                      now reads:      “All tiles are concealed and are from one or more suits with Dragons and/or Winds


     Wild tiles and the Goulash:  Note that there are restrictions on how the wild tiles can be used.  See  The Goulash - Playing the Game.


UK Clubs  and  Club Activities  updated.    Page showing  Highest Scoring Mah-Jong Hand  added.


12th Aug 2009

New sub-sections added to Clubs:  UK Clubs  (a list of clubs in the UK and how to contact them) and  Club Activities.

3rd June 2009

eBook now available in printed version (UK only).  Order form.

17th May 2009

Site reorganised

20th Apr 2009

Print Rules section added where you can download a sample eBook of the web site content..

An Alternative Method of Paying during Settling Up is explained.

16th Mar 2009

Updates to Shops, Suppliers and Web Sales pages

28th Feb 2009

Three new sections added:  

Shops in the UK that sell Mah-Jong sets.    Manufacturers / Wholesale suppliers for the UK market.

Web sites that sell Mah-Jong sets  (mainly based in the UK, but also in other countries).

Contact forms added for:  Shops,  Manufacturers  and  Web Sales.


12th Jan 2009

Some more sites added to  Web Sites section.     Organisation sub-section  added to People section.

Email contact form for BMJA  added.

2nd Jan 2009

Links  section enhanced to include  Site Map,  Web Sites section  and  People section.

Web Sites section lists other Mah-Jong web sites with a breakdown of their content and an indication of how interesting it is.

People section is for those who are looking to play Mah-Jong with people other than their family or friends, or just wish to contact others who are interested in Mah-Jong.

More on Tallies page  added to explain how you might allocate points to the various types of tally sets.


10th Nov 2008

Web site launched with British Mah-Jong Association approval.

29th Oct 2008

Web site uploaded for testing.

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