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Chain Stores

Shop information

Map  will take you to a Google Maps location, where you can get directions

Web Site  will take you to the shop’s web site

Beyond 1, the number of different types Mah-Jong sets is indicated by:

         Some  (2 - 3)        Several  (4 - 7)        Many  (8 or more)

Makes:  Manufacturers or wholesale suppliers are shown when known

Prices are shown to the nearest pound, though are sometimes approximate

The date the information was supplied / found    e.g.   [Feb 09]

Click on a region  to show the shops in that region, in post code order

Click on a post code prefix  to take you to any shops in that area

Postal regions in the UK and Ireland

Hawkin’s Bazaar          Navigation:  Search “Mah Jong”

1 set.  £35.  Make: Tobar.  Over 100 stores. See regions for details.   [Nov 09]


John Lewis          Navigation:  Search “Mah Jong”

1 set.  £30.  Make: Own.  25 stores. Sets usually only available around Christmas.   [Dec 09]

Manufacturers / Wholesale Suppliers:

Dal Negro,  David Westnedge,  Gibsons,  Jaques,  Lionite Mele, Mandarin Arts,

Philos,  Tobar,  Traditional Games Company,  Witzigs Games.


(Click on these to see the sets that they supply)

Shops that Sell Mah-Jong Sets

The look and feel of a Mah Jong set can add greatly to the enjoyment of the game.

So visiting a shop, where you can inspect a set before buying it, is worth doing if you can.


A good idea of the range of sets available can be found in Suppliers.  


It’s a list of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of sets for the UK market with links to their web sites and photographs of their sets.  Make yourself familiar with these before visiting a shop.  


Always phone before making a special journey as stock levels can vary.


Shops which sell Mah-Jong sets can be found below.  Only those in the UK and Ireland are considered.  They are organised by postal region.

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to give details

Shop Web Sites

BirthdayBoy          Navigation:  Games > Mah Jong           Shops in Barnstaple and Exeter  (South West)

Some sets: £50 - £60.  Makes: Dal Negro, other.  Racks: £25    [Feb 09]

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Spirit Games on the Web         Navigation:  Search Facility “Mah Jong”          Shop in Burton-on-Trent  (East Midlands)

Many sets: £25 - £165.  Makes: Dal Negro, David Westnedge, Gazebo Games, Gibsons, Jaques, Traditional Games, Chinese, Indian.

Racks: £9 - £25.  Tallies: £8.    [Feb 09]

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For shops who may wish to have some advertising fliers to help promote the sales of Mah-Jong sets.

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www . Mah Jong British Rules . com

Gives an illustrated description of the BMJA rules of Mah-Jong

and a gentle introduction to the game for those who have not met it before

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Gives an illustrated description of the BMJA rules of Mah-Jong

and a gentle introduction to the game for those who have not met it before


Langleys Toys         Navigation:  quick search “Mah Jong”           Shop in Norwich  (East Midlands)     

Some sets. £28 - £75.  Makes: David Westnedge, Gibsons.  Racks: £7.    [Feb 09]

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Farscape Games          Navigation:  Mah Jong         Shop in Gunnislake  (South West)

Several sets: £20 - £87.  Makes: Traditional Games, other.  Racks £13.  Tallies £7.    [Feb 09]

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Photographs of Mah-Jong sets
Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of Mah-Jong sets
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