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Selected Mah-Jong Web Sites

Gareth and Jane Saunders Mah Jong web site

Gareth and Jane Saunders Mah Jong site

Mahjong - The Ultimate Mahjong Resource

Games site with Official Chinese International Rules

Mah-Jong entry in Wikipedia

Mah-Jong entry

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Gives an illustrated description of the BMJA rules of Mah-Jong

and a gentle introduction to the game for those who have not met it before

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Mahjong Gathering

Video “Mahjong Gathering”

Mahjong for 1 Million

World Series of Mahjong at Macau

Automatic Mah Jong Table

Automatic Mah Jong table

Mahjong Warrior

Video “Mahjong Warrior”

Mahjong News

The Independent Mahjong Newspaper

Mah Jong - History and Useful Information

Description of the history of Mah Jong

CHarli's Mah Jong Museum

Photos & movies of Mah Jong sets

Four Winds Mah Jong

Computer games site.  Also history, symbolism and rules of Mah Jong

Mah-Jong rules explained by Scott

Video explanation of classical Chinese game

Mahjong Time

Computer games site

Sloperama's Mah-Jong Zone

Sloperama's Mah-Jong Zone

Mah-Jong expert Tom Sloper

World Series of Mahjong

Much hyped tournament in Macau, China

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Vintage Mah-Jong sets

We SPECIALIZE in vintage Mah Jong games
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